About Me

My name is Abigail A. Mills, and I am a 21 year old who wears a few different hats (both figuratively and literally)! First and foremost, I am the Daughter of The Most High, “Pardoned of ALL of my sins, and counted and righteous in His sight, but only for the righteousness of Christ, imputed to me and received my faith alone” (Robert Davis Smart, Embracing Your Identity In Christ). Secondary to that, I am the daughter of my parents Sam and Grace, the youngest sibling of the Mills clan, a friend, a football (soccer) player, a musician, an academic, and MOST significantly a girl who loves and is increasingly growing in love with The Lord.

I grew up in London, England, with the cultural values of a typical Ghanaian household, though slightly underpinned by the western ideals of the society that we were encompassed in. The culmination of my God ordained/ sin-tainted childhood eventually lead me to the US at the age of 19, where I am currently studying and playing ‘soccer’.

Though I would love to be able to boast of a seamless journey through life to this present day, that would be the furthest thing from the truth. It’s been hard. My story, as is the case with us all, is plagued by failure, loss, disappointments, hurt, betrayal, sin, addictions and a season of depression. But GOD is, has been, and always will be good!

Inevitably, you will all get to know more about me through this blog, but I want to urge you to both establish and maintain your focus on the TRUE Protagonist of it all, God. This isn’t my story, it’s His!

I am the furthest, of the furthest from perfect, yet He chose me. And that makes HIM the most significant thing “About me”.


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